Pushing for your win

When you work with Innovia, you get way more than a bunch of code jockeys. We are a team of seasoned experts with a diverse set of skills ranging from product development, to sales and marketing (and all points in between). We work with you every step of the way to ensure product success.

Design, Build, Deploy

Integrated Services


The software market is saturated with average, template-driven, products. In order to stand out, you will need to create an experience that is not only superbly functional but is also a joy to use. Our development team is radically committed to building apps that are fun, friendly and simple.

  • Mobile Apps
  • Web Apps
  • Marketing and Onboarding Sites
  • UI/UX design


It takes more than a great product to win in the marketplace. You will also need a compelling brand message and a comprehensive media plan. From strategy to creative to execution, we can help you attract, win, and retain customers.

  • Strategy
  • Creative
  • Digital Media
  • Social Media
  • SEO
  • Integrated Media
  • Analytics


You need more than developers. The constantly evolving Innovia team includes investors, entrepreneurs, branding experts and professors. We love to help others succeed and will supplement your efforts with either our own skills or by drawing from our deep network of experts.

  • Venture Fund Raising
  • Product Design
  • Process Optimization
  • Brand Strategy
  • Virtual CIO