It's all in the wrist

We've been keeping busy doing some cool builds for some super-smart people. Below are a few examples.

Only one thing is missing: yours.


Zulu – Web & Mobile App

Sales Automation

Simplifying the life of the sales team.
Automate your sales process and let Zulu do the heavy lifting while you focus on what you do best: selling. Import and manage leads, transfer from one sales rep to another, and continuously improve your sales process with our powerful process builder – our Zulu Engine.

Deep Blue Politics – Web App

Account Management and Political Advertising

Creating transparency for the firm and their constituents.
For a few months of every year, the dedicated people of this Political Ad Agency work around the clock to create, disperse, and manage an array of content ranging from digital, radio, tv, and mail. In order to give campaigns consistency and feedback, we were asked to create an Account Management System that empowers them to track and manage all their candidate's campaigns and races as well as providing a portal for the candidate to view and download documents, as well as see how their ads are doing and how they're doing.

WinutRx – Web & Mobile App

Medication Management

Medication Management Software
28.2 million Americans are living with heart disease and it is also the leading cause of deaths among men and women. Adverse Drug Events (ADE) are injuries resulting from medical intervention relating to a drug. 53% of ADE's are preventable.
Empowering the cardiovascular disease community with an interactive medication management tool, promoting safety by helping identify potential ADE's before they happen. Whether you've recently been diagnosed, or living with it for years, it's imperative to understand your disease. WinutRx provides a plethora of information at your fingertips, indicates if another drug or food could cause an ADE, and helps you safely navigate your plan of care.